December 28, 2008

What a week!

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It was a whirlwind…but a fun one!!! We were packed with birthday’s and Christmas’ all week and it was a hoot!

The kids have been playing with their favorite toys…and life is good!

Here is a recap of the week!

Hope all of you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO!!!


December 26, 2008


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I will put some pictures up tomorrow of Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Christmas afternoon.
The kids had a blast!
They loved all their presents!
So much that they wanted to leave Grandma and Grandpa’s house to get back home to play with their new stuff. CUTE!

December 18, 2008

Only 6….

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Sleeps until Christmas! WOWZERS! I cannot believe it!!! We’ve been very busy getting things all ready for Christmas.

The kids help decorate the tree…


I made this wreath this year (but bought the stuff last year!)


It snowed in HOUSTON last week…bizzare!



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My Girl was sicky with a cold…


Sent packages for my momma for the ornament game we played!



December 14, 2008

The Shack

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By: William P. Young


My friends and I are reading this book and then discussing it!  I know call me crazy…even though I just got out of school for the winter break I just can’t leave my brain alone!
I’ve GOT to read. I’ve got to stay busy (which I already am with Christmas but that’s just me.)

You know…I’ve never been a big reader.  It’s funny that I say that because since I’ve been going to college for my uuhhhh 10 years now, I have read lots of books and textbooks but not all out of choice.

So picking up this book out of choice feels sooo good! If I do read a book it is usually a book that someone recommends or one that is uplifting, a true story, history, science, or faith bound.

I love real life!  I’m not too much interested in the fantasy world or stories that aren’t real.  Something about a book being REAL just draws me into it more.

So I will read this book which was recommended to me by a few friends.  And so far I have read the Forward and it sounds soo AWESOME already.

You can find the book link, forward and first chapter here!

I cannot wait to get to the first chapter! Let me know if you’re interested in reading it too!

December 12, 2008

A Very 80’s Christmas…

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This is too cool!
Click on the link you can change the channels on the remote and use the bunny ears for a better picture!  Also click on the TV guide for shows in 1988.  HEHE!

I just watched PeeWee Herman’s Christmas…haha!

December 10, 2008


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Heather your package is being sent today!

Jr. picked the name out of the hat for me and…..




Winner Will Be Announced This Evening!

Oh yes you heard that right!!!! GIVE AWAY! FREE! DRAWING! WINNER!!!

Don’t YOU want to be a part of this???

I’m giving one LUCKY person a christmas soap bottle apron.

It will look like one of these to be determine by muah!





All you have to do to enter is answer the following:

What is one tradition you do every year with your family?

My family on my husband’s side is rather large.  Every year we make 50 bags full of snacks, food, water, a bible and a little note with a bible verse and where the bags came from.  We go around this big city of ours and hand out the bags to the homeless.  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about to begin with….Giving!

So what do you do each year with you family? (It doesn’t have to be about giving but spending time with family).

Just list your name and where I can find you! (Email addres, website ect.).

Drawing will end tomorrow at Noon!

Good Luck!


Etsy oh Etsy…

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how I adore you!  I know I’ve mentioned before how I LOVE Etsy.  I really do! I hate all the fee’s involved when listing and selling but I think its a great idea to get local, national, as well as global (I’ve seen some as far as China) sellers making their own products and selling them! Brilliant!

Anyway…here are some of my favorite picks of the day! I am loving this color lately.


These dishes are to die for! I want them! I wish I could show you them on etsy but the item has been removed? Darn!

I love these earrings too but same thing…can’t find the seller! Crap!

Aren’t these dogs the cutest ever!!! Sooo adorable!


You can find that seller HERE.

What about this soap?!  Love the color and design! CUTE!

il_75x7548826272You can find that soap HERE.



I’ve been eyeing THIS sellers pot holders for a while! I have to get some…one day!!!!!  She even makes coasters! How fun!

And I couldn’t leave my girl out! Check out THIS snowflake pendant.  ADORABLE!



December 8, 2008

YEA for Christmas!

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I went shopping LAST week on a Tuesday I believe to Target.  It was about 9:00 and it wasn’t crowded AT ALL!  It was nice to shop in peace without the kids yanking on me and wanting stuff and without the mad rush of people!

I was able to get MOST of my Christmas shopping done! I only need to get a few more gifts for the nieces and nephews and stocking stuffers! It feels GREAT!

We cut back some this year as many people are.  We got the kids each one big gift and a few smaller gifts.  Then they will get gifts from my mom and brothers family, then C’s parents and sisters too.  So they will get lots already.

I am thinking of having the kids each pick out a toy and we will donate it.  Just need to see where to donate it.  I want to teach them that Christmas is a time for giving!!! And not always about receiving.  My oldest wants wants wants…but is also very generous!


My kiddies after their bath posing by the tree! Crazies!


I love my nativity set!  My hubby’s grammy got it for me!  Jr. helped me put it out tonight!  He’s REALLY into the helping decorate this year!


I’ve been busy with christmas orders!  My mother in law ordered 10 and my BFF ordered 6 plus another 2 for another friend!  I love making these though!

December 7, 2008


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Who has them?!
Just when I thought the winter was going smooth for me…BAM! NOPE! WRONG!!!
I’ve been hit with several attacks the last 2 weeks.  And yes I do call them ATTACKS because that’s how I feel.  I’ve been attacked by the sneezing, itchy watery eyes that’s uncontrollable.

Lately…I don’t know if this is coincidence but its been happening when I go to my in laws house.  Nothing has changed there so I don’t know if it just happens to happen when I am there or if it is indeed something there.

I am miserable.  Today I feel fine…but feel like I cried all day the day before.

HELP!???  SUGGESTIONS!  I am going to have to hit the doctor if this keeps up because I cannot even hardly function when I get an “attack.”

I bought Zyrtek last night and took it as soon as I bought it but it didn’t help at all.

November 26, 2008

I’m getting into the mood…

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Holidays! Everything about it!  Thanksgiving is by far the most relaxing of the Holidays but with having kids now I enjoy it all!

Tomorrow is going to be PACKED FULL so I wanted to wish everyone a VERY



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