July 31, 2008

I cannot wait…

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To photograph my girl in this dress at the beach!

I made this dress out of a dress shirt that was MINE! I couldn’t part with the fabric because it was just TOO delish!!!! I also added some Alexander Henry fabric that I had! I think overall it came out pretty cute! Next time I make this style I’ll know what I am doing and it will defo be better!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the pics of my uh hem…model who didn’t feel like being one this given time!


July 22, 2008

Florida here we come!

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YEA! In about a week and a half we are jetted off to FLORIDA!

FUN! We cannot wait to bake in the warm sun! The kids are going to have a blast!

We are going here.

Don’t be jealous! 🙂

July 19, 2008


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I just can’t get over how CUTE these new bags are using Jennifer Paganelli’s Sis Boom Bell Bottoms Fabric.

These are SO cute and chic! If someone doesn’t snatch these soon I may keep them for myself 🙂

July 18, 2008


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After writing my schoolage post…..Craig and I were laying in bed that night talking about school and just life.
I started to get teary-eyed.
You ask why…why? I didn’t even know myself.
Then I dug deeper and I am VERY stressed about school and my kids. At times I just avoid the whole thing all together because I really don’t know how I am going to do it all. I DON’T know how? Literally! People have said it will all work out but I just don’t SEE it. Its always easier said than done when they aren’t in the bind. I don’t see how it can. I NEED help…I need someone to help me with the kids in order for this to work. My son starts kindergarten and I am supposed to work full time in student teaching. HOW is this going to work? And take K somewhere as well?
I have been contemplating on just finishing ALL the classes I need and take a break until the kids are in school and then finish. I don’t WANT to do that but I feel like I have no other choice really. I thought maybe I could start substitute teaching 1- 2 days a week to bring in some extra money in the Spring and seeing what I can do part time when Jr. starts school.
Can I just win the lottery?? Would life be more simple then? Probably not but hey its a quick fix right!
Craig says to just pray about it! I told/asked him Pray about it? I haven’t been reaching to God lately and all this has really happened after my dad died. I don’t know why but I just haven’t. Its almost like I don’t feel like dealing with that right now?? So to me…praying about a choice I have to make makes no sense to me right now. And I know in the past we’ve “left go and let God.” But at the same time I can’t just LET GO? I have to make a decision!
That Decision has got to be pretty soon!

July 14, 2008

Update on the Schoolage!

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School is going great…I’ve made the Dean’s List this past semester!
I also just made an A in my summer school class!
So I guess I’m a world class nerd! Heh!

I want to make good grades…why?
I mean a B’s are a 3.0….but I just don’t want a B!

That’s the perfectionist in me!
I am SUCH a flippin’ perfectionist its insane. When I set my mind to something its got to be my way or perfect. The last two semesters I’ve had several projects AS WELL as lesson plans that needed to be presented. All of these were either in groups or working with a partner. I LOVE my partner Maria but I still feel that I needed to do most of the work. WHY??? Its not that I didn’t trust her…she’s been a para in the classrooms and is AWESOME. I wanted it my way. She didn’t care…she’s such a sweetheart and plus she had more classes than me. She was glad I took over!

We did science lessons together for both classes and projects. Our lessons were excellent according to our professors. We did a What Glows In The Dark lesson last semester and this summer in a group we did a lesson on fruits and their seeds.

Funny thing is our professor in the summer didn’t even know that fruit is classified as berries, drupes or pomes.

So here’s the mini lesson…

Berries are fruits whose seeds are embedded in the flesh of the fruit like Grapes, Oranges and Tomatoes.

Pomes are fruits like Apples and Pears in which there are several seeds enclosed in a core surrounded by the flesh.

Drupes have ONE seed like a plum, mango or peach.

FUN to learn new things!

So besides all that…I have about 3-4 semesters left of school depending on if I start student teaching this fall.  So far I have planned to start it in the Spring because I need to figure out what I will do with the kiddies.  I will do student teaching for 3 semesters.  The first two will be half days from about 8:30 to 11:15 am then the third block will be full time teaching.

Lots in store!


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If you have not visited this site on THE PIONEER WOMAN cooks you have got to!
Its wonderful with all the nice photographs.  She gives you step by step tutorials
I have made her famous steaks….with the butter and olive oil! YUM!

I have also done the the bacon wrapped thingies but with shrimp!
I can’t remember what else I’ve tried! The other parts of her site are interesting as well!!! Go take a gander!



My Little Golfer

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July 9, 2008

Some Creations!

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Like I said I LOVE to craft and think of things to make!

Of course when the kids let me! They require LOTS of full undivided attention!!!!I wanna paint, I want play-doh, I want a movie!

Sooooo, in my uh hem…spare time I make things!

I made these cute little gift bags the other day using Amy Butler fabric!

Oh I forgot to mention…I LOVE fabric!

I just can’t get enough of fabric if my pocket book would let me I’d have a whole room full of designer fabric!

I know you wanna see! So here they are!
I will be adding more to my esty shop so go over there and check it out when you can!


I also added some of my other creations!


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We always celebrate the fourth of July some way!
This year we headed to Katy, TX for the fireworks show…fun stuff! And met our friends who we kind of traditionally meet up with for fourth of July festivities!

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

The kids had a screaming fest! So LOUD but so entertaining!
The dog in the swing…OMG so funny!!!

The older two closed their years a lot on the fireworks…TOO LOUD!
Of course Kayde didn’t care!

After the fireworks show we headed to Brian and Vanessa’s because we needed to pop MORE!

I just HEART the fourth of July!

July 8, 2008


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I’m officially ready to start blogging again!
I blogged when I first had my son Craig Jr. but then it just got confusing on blogspot with the pictures and such that I just gave up!

Then I got pregnant with Kaydence and put up one blog about her name and that was it.

Soooooooo I’m READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOO!