September 22, 2008

Some of my current loves…

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Have I mentioned that I LOVE to window shop on Etsy???  If you haven’t yet you should try it! Its uber fun!

The best part is…you can open an account and add favorites to your account to save for later.  So its like having the items but just in your favorites! HAHA!  I know I am a dork but its fun just adding!

Right now I am in love with these things…

Little Brown Pen’s Shop

My GOOD friend’s Missy’s shop

Rings N Things

My OTHER GOOD friend Mel’s Shop


My Best Friend Amber’s Wipes Cases



Sally Tiffans Shop

Dadgum…these tags are SOLD!!! I may have to convo her to make some more! 🙂

LOVE all these great items Etsians!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m getting into FALL!!!! LOVE FALL!

Now who’s going to insert money into my pay pal account???? Any takers????


September 19, 2008

I was a GOOD MOM…

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I want to read this REALLY SOON!!!!!!!

September 18, 2008

Oh how I love fabric…

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If I haven’t expressed this before I will tell you again! I LOVE fabric!!! I love to browse ETSY and look around at all the new fabric as well as old by many of my favorite designers.

I just purchased SOME of these fabrics (NOT ALL) for fall and christmas soap bottle aprons! If you want one please convo me at:

These are Moda Dots in the fall collection and Michael Miller’s Christmas collection!

I’m excited to get started!

September 17, 2008


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That’s what all of our neighbors say we when we pass by!


It was a crazy ride!

Where to start?!

Wednesday night my husband had a softball game and they played really late until after 10 pm. After he was done I told him that we HAD to go to the store and get things before it got C R A Z Y!!!! Living in a city with over 2 million people all needing the same neccessities is really not fun at all!

So off we went! We got “hurricane supplies”

Batteries    Water    Ice     Food      Stuff to Grill Gas

And let me just tell you that was the smartest thing we did because the hurricane WAS coming and people were scrounging around Friday needing all these things!

So Thursday we see its still heading our way!  And we go about our normal daily lives!

Friday we definitely know its coming!  And we make sure we for sure have everything!

Saturday was the wait! We were all anxious and it was getting WINDY….when will it be here and of course like many previous hurricanes it decided to come at NIGHT! UGH!

Texas A&M, i’ve heard is doing some studies as why hurricanes tend to come at night. I’m eager to read about it!

Finally Saturday night at about 12:30 hurricane Ike’s eye was hitting Galveston. This is when we started to feel ALL the major wind and knew it was on its way! The winds got stronger and stronger. The kids were asleep by then and they never woke up until morning!

Our power stayed on until about 3:30am when the winds got even stronger. We were lucky to have it on that long as some homes lost power at 7 pm. My husband would not go to sleep or hardly sit down the whole night. He was drinking his jim beam and coke and finally right before we lost power we made a pot of coffee. He kept going out in the back patio and the front. We were worried about tornadoes and anything hitting the house and if we needed to move the kids in a better place in the house. We had our battery powered radio on and listened…not much else to do.  Finally at about 7 we decided we would go to sleep as the major winds were dying down.

The next few days were crazy without power. The kids didn’t understand it but after a while they did.

They wanted power. Jr. wanted the computer no power. Kaydence wanted her light on…no power!

Sunday we decided we had enough of the hot house so we took a drive in the car which DOES have A/C. There was so much damage. Street lights were broken…trees down and uprooted…gas stations ripped apart!
We were lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! We had NO major damage to our home. Some shingles blew off and some big branches were broken off and our back fence was down.

Sunday night my sister in law got power so we spent the night over there. Monday afternoon the power came back on here as my husband and brother in law were fixing the fence.

Also a NICE fall cool front came through… feels sooo good out!

The kids and I cleaned up a lot of the stuff in the front yard yesterday and today we will tackle the backyard.

Here are some pictures of some of the mess! The pictures you really can’t tell how bad it was and its certainly not as bad as Galveston or Boliver or any towns sitting right on the coast!

September 11, 2008


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Today marks the 7th anniversary of September 11th.

I remember this day like it was yesterday.  I will never forget all the families, lives that were taken, the firemen, the US soldiers, and as well as American that were affected by this awful day.

Let us remember this very special day.

I’m so proud to live in this great nation!
God Bless America!

Our Vacation!

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I totally forgot to post pics of our vacation to Florida! It was super fun for the kids…the beach was really relaxing!


September 10, 2008

5 things I have done differently with child 2

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You know how people always say I have raised THEM the exact same way…..and now that I have 2 little wee one’s myself I can say NO YOU DIDN’T! With child one…we are more hesitant, strict, we over parent, the list goes on.

Why do we do this? I think we do this for one reason “new parent.” We don’t have no experience.  We are not sure about the world with a child attached to the hip!

I read a blog today that had a list of things she did differently with each and I have come up with my own list.

1. With Child 1,  I was so worried that he’d be behind in school…yeah hello at such a young age…I read to him tons, practiced almost daily on shapes, colors, ect ect. He knew how to hold a pencil/crayon whatever at age 2 the proper way. I didn’t teach him this he just caught on. With Kayde I am more leinent. I know now that they WILL learn it I don’t have to be so strict about it jeez. She’s 2 now and knows her colors and how to count to almost 15…I don’t drill her daily!

2. With baby 1…if a toy to a set was missing I’d go bonkers! It drove me batty! Now with baby 2 I’m like it will show up around here sooner or later. It still drives me crazy but I don’t go on a mad search for it like before. There’s too much to do so little time to worry about things like that!

3. With baby 1 everything had to be perfect. Doctors visits were ON time…at 2, 4, 6 and a year! haha with baby #2….we get there when we do!  (and by the way I haven’t been that off with her…but I hope I don’t get pregnant again because that child will probably not even know anything about doctors LOL)

4. Potty training….oh the joys of potty training! Baby #1 He’s a boy…Child 2 she’s a girl! Enough said!

5. With child 1 I feel we were VERY strict about everything…child 2 gets away with murder! Ok not really but we are more relaxed about the small things…again!

I’m glad I was the baby of the family and not a first!

Want A Chance To Win A Fabulous Apron?

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Then head on over to my friend Kymy’s blog to win!

Good Luck to you all!