December 14, 2008

The Shack

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By: William P. Young


My friends and I are reading this book and then discussing it!  I know call me crazy…even though I just got out of school for the winter break I just can’t leave my brain alone!
I’ve GOT to read. I’ve got to stay busy (which I already am with Christmas but that’s just me.)

You know…I’ve never been a big reader.  It’s funny that I say that because since I’ve been going to college for my uuhhhh 10 years now, I have read lots of books and textbooks but not all out of choice.

So picking up this book out of choice feels sooo good! If I do read a book it is usually a book that someone recommends or one that is uplifting, a true story, history, science, or faith bound.

I love real life!  I’m not too much interested in the fantasy world or stories that aren’t real.  Something about a book being REAL just draws me into it more.

So I will read this book which was recommended to me by a few friends.  And so far I have read the Forward and it sounds soo AWESOME already.

You can find the book link, forward and first chapter here!

I cannot wait to get to the first chapter! Let me know if you’re interested in reading it too!


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  1. Beth said,

    sorry i missed it. thanks for letting me know.

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