December 8, 2008

YEA for Christmas!

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I went shopping LAST week on a Tuesday I believe to Target.  It was about 9:00 and it wasn’t crowded AT ALL!  It was nice to shop in peace without the kids yanking on me and wanting stuff and without the mad rush of people!

I was able to get MOST of my Christmas shopping done! I only need to get a few more gifts for the nieces and nephews and stocking stuffers! It feels GREAT!

We cut back some this year as many people are.  We got the kids each one big gift and a few smaller gifts.  Then they will get gifts from my mom and brothers family, then C’s parents and sisters too.  So they will get lots already.

I am thinking of having the kids each pick out a toy and we will donate it.  Just need to see where to donate it.  I want to teach them that Christmas is a time for giving!!! And not always about receiving.  My oldest wants wants wants…but is also very generous!


My kiddies after their bath posing by the tree! Crazies!


I love my nativity set!  My hubby’s grammy got it for me!  Jr. helped me put it out tonight!  He’s REALLY into the helping decorate this year!


I’ve been busy with christmas orders!  My mother in law ordered 10 and my BFF ordered 6 plus another 2 for another friend!  I love making these though!